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Jars of apricot jam spread on fresh bread.

Apricot Preserves Recipe

Homemade jam and jelly is easier than you think using tried and true Sure Jell Recipes! This recipe for Homemade Apricot preserves is simple and delish with bright pure apricot flavor!
Course Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner
Cuisine American #Vegan #Vegetarian
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 12
Calories 342kcal
Author Deb Clark



  • 6 cups apricots cleaned and chopped into small pieces
  • 4 ½ cups sugar
  • 1 box Low sugar Sure Jell be sure to use the PINK box
  • 2 tbsp lime juice
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp fruit fresh optional*


  • Chop the apricots into small pieces. Measure out exactly 6 cups.
  • Place jars, rings and lids into a pan, cover with water, bring to a boil and boil for three minutes to sterlilize, keep warm.
  • In a heavy stock pot, place the chopped apricots lime juice, salt and fruit fresh (if using). Mix well.
  • Measure ¼ cup of sugar and mix it with the contents of the Sure-Jell. Sprinkle it into the apricots, mix well again and set it on the stove on high and bring to a boil, stirring constantly.
  • When it comes to a hard boil (a hard boil is one you can't stir down with spoon) add the remaining sugar.
  • Continue stirring constantly and return it to a boil and when it comes back to a hard boil, continue boiling it for exactly one minute. (Set a timer to make sure you get it for a full minute).
  • Remove from the stove & immediately ladle into sterilized jars. 
  • Use a damp cloth and wipe off the top of the jars to remove any jam (this will keep the lids from sealing). Place lids on jars and screw them on tightly. Process in a hot bath (boiling water) for 10 minutes to seal the jars.
  • Makes 6 eight oz. jars.


  • Fruit fresh is an ingredient that prevents fruit from browning during the cooking/canning process. Though not required, it makes your end product look pretty. If you choose, you can omit this ingredient.


Calories: 342kcal | Carbohydrates: 87g | Protein: 1g | Sodium: 58mg | Potassium: 200mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 82g | Vitamin A: 1495IU | Vitamin C: 8.5mg | Calcium: 10mg | Iron: 0.5mg