Power Pitch: Connecting Influencers with Brands

Pitching to Brands

Working directly with Brands is one of the BEST ways to monetize your blog. 

Pitching your brand takes TIME!

 Are you tired of working with networks? 

Filling out application after application only to be turned down is frustrating and a waste of time. Especially when you know you're the perfect fit!

Would you rather be writing and creating?

It's what you're best at right? Writing a blog post, developing a recipe, planning a great DIY project, photographing and telling your story! Who has time for all of the busy work?

Are you frustrated trying to negotiate your worth?

It's easy to brag about others, but when it come to telling your own story, sharing your strengths and negotiating that's hard to do! 

Debra has been a lifesaver to me and my business. She's fast, reliable and always going the extra mile helping my business grow with her assistance. I count my stars that I have the blessing of working with her in my business!  

Julie Evink ~ Julie's Eats and Treats

Work with the brands YOU choose!

Working with the brands that "you" choose is the BEST way to authentically share their product with your readers. Your message isn't forced because it's a brand you truly love!

Turn sponsored posts into long term relationships! 

It's hard to land one contract, let alone a long term contract. Working with Brands directly helps you to get to know your client and develop a long term relationship.

Grow your blog and focus on what you're best at!

No more setting aside time every day to research brands, find the point of contact and write them to find out if you're a good fit. I do that for you!

Customized representation for YOU!

Just like all of our blogs are different, you are represented individually also. There's not a cookie-cutter pitch, I interview you to learn what you're looking for and how I can best represent you and connect you with the right brands.

Never hear the word NO again!

Best part, right? How many No's do you have to hear before there's a yes? Do you get discouraged or just run out of time in the day? No matter the reason, here's where I can help!

Debra is efficient and communicates well. As an influencer that is relying on her success for income for my business, I have total faith in her. I know that she has my best interest in mind and will represent me accordingly. Not only does she save me tons of time, but the brands respond quicker to her because I am professionally represented. As someone who teaches others how to pitch, I have total confidence in her.  

Jenny Melrose ~ JennyMelrose.com 

Power Pitch will:

  • Research the brands you provide
  • Find the point of contact
  • Provide them your media kit along with a preliminary pitch
  • Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up
  • Negotiate the contract 

Here's the deal, other than the setup fee, I am only paid for work that I bring to YOU. Generating leads is 100% commission. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost? 

Leads generated by Power Pitch are paid at 25% of contract. Payments made after you are paid by the brand.

Is there a minimum pageview to qualify?

Yes, at this time, we are accepting applications from Influencers with 150,000+ pageviews per month.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes a contract is required.

Is there a setup fee?  

Yes $200 setup fee is due upon approval.

What if I'm contacted by a brand independently, do I have to pay you?

No, as long as it isn't a lead you've provided to Power Pitch to work on. If you're asking me to follow-up and negotiate then payment will be due to Power Pitch after you are paid by the brand.

Do I have to pay you if I'm working with a network?

No, as long as the brand isn't a lead you've provided to Power Pitch.

Do you have additional questions? Please email me at: debra@powerpitch.com 

Why choose Power Pitch?  

What makes me good at this? Before I started blogging, before I moved to California, before well... everything I was working as an Customer Service Representative at a large financial institution. I watched the guys I work with get paid twice as much as I did, but because I did not have a college degree I "wasn't qualified". 

I knew I could do better. I started exploring my options and came across an opening in sales. This was early 2000's when unemployment was at an all-time low and workers were scarce. Jobs opening were everywhere but it was tough to find qualified candidates. This position was for an administrative headhunter. The compensation was 100% commission. If I didn't make it happen, I wouldn't get paid. 

On the flipside, I knew I would finally be able to reach my earning potential!

After giving it some thought, I decided to take a chance. I took on this new challenging knowing it would be tough. This was before the days of online information. My tools were the yellow pages and telephone. I quickly surpased the daily goal of 150 phone calls. (Just to be clear, that was 150 phone calls every day!)  

I developed a thick skin. I heard a lot of no's and it didn't bother me because I could see the (green) light at the end of the tunnel $$$!! 

After moving to California I started my own business, a direct mail marketing business which quickly grew to be the largest privately held direct mail company on the west coast.  

Now I've combined my experience in sales with my love of blogging and developed Power Pitch! I am an Influencer. I’ve worked with brands. I have knocked on more closed doors than anyone I know and have figured out what it takes to make it happen.  

Let's have a conversation and see if we are a fit. Click below for the next step!